School App


As part of school life we try to be as eco-friendly as possible. As part of this we have tried to reduce the amount of paper and energy we use by reducing the number of diaries and letters which are sent home. We have invested in an app for our school which allows you to see the school calendar and receive ‘notifications’ when events are due. This is useful for you and for us to keep in contact. You are able to see school information, news, contact information and also gain access to our website and our school Facebook or Twitter account. Parents, staff and children have found it extremely useful as activities are on the school calendar within the app beforehand.

If you have a smart phone (Android or iPhone) you can download the OurSchoolsApp at the Google Play Android or Apple Store FREE OF CHARGE. You can also download the app on a tablet or iPad by following the same process. When we update information on the app you will receive ‘notification’ on your device to notify you of this. Then you can go directly to the app to view the information.


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