Arriving At School

Children’s safety is very important to us at Ysgol Llanystumdwy and it is extremely important to the Governing Body and the staff that we keep a record of who is going in and out of school because of this. This approach ensures that you as parents can have confidence in the systems in place, but also be able to liaise with school staff – both of these matters are very important to us.

  • Morning – In accordance with county guidelines a member of school staff is on duty from 8.50-9.00am daily. Because staff are not required to be out on the yard before this time we remind you not to drop your child before this time as there will be no supervision for them until 8.50am. If your child is attending the Breakfast Club then they should come straight to the Hall when they arrive at school.
  • We are eager for children to become more independent when arriving at school, and we ask kindly for you to encourage them to leave you when on the yard and to go into school independently and put their coat, reading bag and water bottle in the correct place themselves.
  • If you need to return letters to school please give these to the staff on the yard or in your child’s bag. The class teacher / assistant will ask the children if they have anything to return in their bag at registration in the morning.
  • If you have a message for a teacher then please speak to the member of staff on the yard.  The beginning of the school day is a busy time for the teaching staff, being a time to prepare the activities for the day ahead or to hold staff meetings, which means that there isn’t always time to discuss important matters with parents.  The member of staff on the yard will make a note of the message, and will pass this on to the relevant member of staff.   If you need to speak to a member of staff about anything important then you are welcome to see us at the gate at 3pm/3.30pm, to email or telephone, or to make an appointment.   
  •  The main doors will be shut and locked as soon as children have gone to their classes at 9am and 1pm.  If you arrive later than these times for any reason please bring your child / children around to the main door and ring the bell.  This will ensure that they are transferred to a member of staff and are not stuck outside not having been seen
  • Please remember to close the gates on the way in or out of the school.  Also remember that children are not to come into school through the car park gates.

  • Visitors to school sign in and out of the building, and receive a badge so that children and staff know that they are official visitors who have been given permission to be in the school building or on school grounds. 

Thank you for your co-operation regarding these important matters.